Editing services for the board game industry

I offer proofreading and editing for board game publishers and designers. I proofread board game rulebooks, cards, box covers and other written components as a final check before the files go to print, as well as Kickstarter pages and websites. I also edit rulebooks for publishers before final layout or for designers wanting to submit their game to publishers. I can edit the rulebook first and then at a later stage proofread the final versions of the rulebook and other game components.

I ensure accuracy, clarity and consistency across all written game components and marketing/crowdfunding materials. I have worked with clients based in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. 

Recent proofreading projects include rulebooks, Kickstarter pages, box covers, cards, boards and player aids for board and card games with historical, fantasy, space, detective and quiz themes. Recent editing projects include restructuring, rewording and simplifying rulebooks to make them easier to understand. Please take a look at my portfolio of games I've worked on and visit the Indie Game Alliance website to view my freelancer profile.

What my proofreading service includes

  • Annotating files after final layout using mark-up tools on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, Track Changes in Word, Suggesting mode in Google Docs or British Standard marks for proof correction on paper.
  • Checking for accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Checking the consistent use of terms and headings; the page layout and design are consistent; the correct positioning and labelling of illustrations, diagrams and graphics.
  • Ensuring a consistent style for capitalisation, hyphenation, punctuation, abbreviations, spellings, numbers, titles, lists and figures.
  • Checking for consistency and clarity across the rules, cards, box covers, Kickstarter pages and any other components.
  • Checking page numbers are correct and correspond with the contents page and any cross-references.
  • Amending incorrect word choices and bad word breaks.
  • Removing extra spaces between lines or words or after punctuation.
  • Following UK or US spelling, grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Checking that the text flows and is in correct English. Suggesting rewording if the meaning is unclear or confusing or to avoid repetition.
  • Following your style preferences.

What my editing service includes

  •  Annotating files before final layout using Track Changes in Word, Suggesting mode in Google Docs or mark-up tools on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Ensuring the rules are as easy to read as possible by checking clarity, coherency, over-elaboration, understandability and structure.
  • Rewording sentences and paragraphs to ensure they are clear and easy to understand.
  • Streamlining and simplifying explanations.
  • Ensuring inclusive language is used.
  • Checking all information needed to play the game is included and is easy to find.


For information about how to get a quote and details about my pricing, please go to my pricing and quotes page.

If you would like to discuss a proofreading or editing project, or if you need more information about how I can help you, please get in touch

"Rachael has become an essential part of getting our games to print. Her passion for games, coupled with her professional skills as a proofreader help us catch not only typos, but inconsistencies in style or grammar as well. She's fast, thorough, and a pleasure to work with."

Brent Dickman, Elf Creek Games

"Rachael Mortimer's work was instrumental in getting a good rulebook published, especially when considering her thorough approach and timely delivery of the edits."