Proofreading for businesses, authors and publishers

Proofreading is the final quality check, with the aim of highlighting any remaining errors and adding a professional touch before publication. It is difficult to proofread your own work: you read what should be there rather than what is there on the page. I can help by finding errors and inconsistencies that you may not see if you have been working on the text. This will avoid readers being confused or distracted and ensure that your writing is accurate, consistent, professional and as reader-friendly as possible.

I can proofread a variety of written material, such as:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books for publishers
  • Fiction and non-fiction books for independent authors
  • Writing competition entries
  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Essays
  • Manuals
  • Reports, newsletters, booklets, information sheets and documents
  • Promotional material, e.g. leaflets, brochures and posters. 

Recent projects include a children's book, a World War II reference manual, a business biography, a historical essay and information sheets for a dance/martial arts school.

What my proofreading service includes

  • Annotating files using mark-up tools on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, Track Changes in Word, Suggesting mode in Google Docs or British Standard marks for proof correction on paper.
  • Checking for accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Checking the consistent use of terms and headings; the page layout and design are consistent; the correct positioning and labelling of illustrations, diagrams and graphics.
  • Ensuring a consistent style for capitalisation, hyphenation, punctuation, abbreviations, spellings, numbers, titles, lists and figures.
  • Checking page numbers are correct and correspond with the contents page and any cross-references.
  • Amending incorrect word choices and bad word breaks.
  • Removing extra spaces between lines or words or after punctuation.
  • Following UK or US spelling, grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Checking that the text flows and is in correct English. Suggesting rewording if the meaning is unclear or confusing or to avoid repetition.
  • Following your style preferences.


For information about how to get a quote and details about my pricing, please go to my Quotes page. If you have any projects that you would like me to work on, or if you need any further information, please contact me

"My sincere thanks to Rachael Mortimer at Her thorough and professional proofreading of my chapter book for children has given me confidence that it is ready (as it ever will be) for submission. I was working to a deadline and Rachael provided a response in plenty of time for me to make the changes I needed. Her suggested amendments were easy to follow and extremely helpful."

Emma Dykes, Independent Author