Proofreading for the board game industry

For some years I have been proofreading board game rulebooks, cards, box covers, other written components and Kickstarter pages. I proofread files for publishers prior to going to print and rulebooks for designers prior to submission to publishers. My experience of games means I understand the structure of rules and the terminology used. 

I keep the nature and content of all work confidential, but I am happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if required.

What my service includes 

  • Checking for accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Checking the consistent use of terms and headings; the page layout and design are consistent; the correct positioning and labelling of illustrations, diagrams and graphics.
  • Ensuring a consistent style for capitalisation, hyphenation, punctuation, abbreviations, spellings, numbers, titles, lists and figures.
  • Checking for consistency and clarity across the rules, cards, box covers and any other components.
  • Checking page numbers are correct and correspond with the contents page and any cross-references.
  • Amending incorrect word choices and bad word breaks.
  • Removing extra spaces between lines or words or after punctuation.
  • Following UK or US spelling, grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Checking that the text flows and is in correct English. Suggesting rewording if the meaning is unclear or confusing or to avoid repetition.
  • Following your style preferences.
  • Annotating using Track Changes in Word, mark-up tools on PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, Suggesting mode in Google Docs or British Standard marks for proof correction on paper.

Qualifications and CPD

  • Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning: Publishing Training Centre (PTC)
  • PTC e-learning modules: Adobe Tools for Editors, Editorial Style, Author Queries, What is Copy-editing?, Editing Fiction, Editing References 
  • Grammar at Work: PTC
  • Basic Proofreading Digital Skills: PTC 
  • Editing with Word: Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)
  • SfEP annual conference September 2018: I gave a lightning talk titled "Proofreading for the board game industry"
  • Professional Member of the SfEP and I abide by their Code of Practice (CoP)
  • BA (Hons) degree in German and Spanish


I will provide a quote within 24 hours of receiving your request. For information about how to get a quote and details about my pricing, please go to my Quotes page.

If you would like to discuss a proofreading project, or if you need any further information about how I can help you, please get in touch.