Proofreading for book publishers, authors and businesses

Proofreading is the final quality check, with the aim of highlighting any remaining errors and adding a professional touch before publication. Due to my training with the Publishing Training Centre I can proofread a variety of written material, such as:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books for publishers
  • Fiction and non-fiction books for independent authors
  • Writing competition entries
  • Website text
  • Blogs
  • Reports, newsletters, booklets and documents
  • Promotional material, e.g. leaflets, brochures and posters.

The section Proofreading for the board game industry gives information on what my services includes, my qualifications and previous work experience.


As a dedicated freelance proofreader you can be assured of a timely and efficient turnaround of projects received. I am more than happy to provide a quote within 24 hours of receiving a sample copy of the document to be proofread. If you have any projects that you would like me to work on, or if you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.